25 September 2005

Don Adams Dies

Don Adams of Get Smart was originally named Donald Yarmy. His father, William Yarmy, was a Hungarian Jew and his mother, Consuelo Morgan, was an Irish Catholic, though her father appears to have been Dutch. The name Morgan does not seem particularly Dutch.

Anyone seen Consuelo in earlier census records? Adams' father is married with no wife in 1920. The only person close in 1900 is a Consuelo Dieter with an uncle James Morgan.


Tamdale said...

Don Adams is my second cousin and through old family records I did indeed find his mothers name is Consuelo Dieter which is Dutch I believe they were even called Pennsylvania Dutch. Consuelo fathers name is Reuben Deiter which I am told he has children from 2 diffrent wives. Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


Questors said...

Tammy --

Thanks for the information. That really helps straighten things out. I found Reuben Dieter in Pennsylvania. What is interesting is that the "Pennsylvania Dutch" were not Dutch at all! They were actually German, which is what the Dieters seem to be.

Thanks again,


jskarnes said...

We'll ALL will miss Don & his voice

Kenneth said...