22 December 2005

Happy 90th Birthday, Barbara Billingsley

Most people would be surpised to hear that the woman who played June Cleaver is 90 years old today. Maybe she herself would be surprised. Every reference to her age or birthdate -- going back to a 1961 TV Guide article -- says she was born in 1922. That would make her 83, not 90.

When I checked her out in the 1930 census, I was surprised to find her age listed as 14. Thinking I may have found the wrong person, I checked some more records. The record for her 1959 marriage to William Mortensen indicates her birthdate is 1921, but her 1953 marriage to Roy Kellino has her born in 1918.

The clincher was the birth record for Barbara L. Combes on 22 Dec 1915. Imagine, the Beaver's mother lied about her age! By 7 years!!

Congratulations, Barbara, for reaching 90 and for fooling us all these years.


jack said...

I was born in 1955 so remember the show,especially the reruns.Does anyone know what and how Barbara Billingsly is doing now?Also,I would like to know if she maintains any contact with her costars from the show.One last question:What was the title of a T.V.movie she did in the 80ties or90ties?IT seems like I remember it having something to do with witches.I'd like to get a copy of it.ki

jackKk said...

Iforgot to put my email address on previous entry.kirby85@peoplepc.com

Anonymous said...

Trying to locate old friend, Barbara Myers who was the niece of Ms. Billingsly. Any info would be greatly appreciated. M Harris

mc'spage said...


Barbara Billingsley
Field: Entertainment

Info: Played Beaver's mom, June Cleaver, on the TV series "Leave It to Beaver", she's also famous for her ability to speak "jive" in the movie "Airplane!"

Date of Birth:
Current Age: 12/22/1915
The best place to go is alive or dead to find famous people. Take care, Mc'spage

mc'spage said...

ok now that i have helped does anyone know who robert dunaway of the yardbirds is. He sang the song heart full of soul. He is my dad and because my mom left him before I was born, I never got to meet him. I have a picture of him somewhere and my mom is standing next to him in her prom dress. I would love to know where he is at and if he is alive or dead. Take care, Mc's page.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing at all anywhere that mentions Robert Dunaway as being a Yardbird or even singing H F O S.
Two of the most memorable songs which legendary British band The Yardbirds recorded in the mid-'60s, namely FOR YOUR LOVE and HEART FULL OF SOUL, written by singer/songwriter/producer Graham Gouldman.

The Yardbirds, whose line-up included Keith Relf, Paul Samwell-Smith, Eric Clapton, Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty, were signed by manager Giorgio Gomelsky to EMI's Columbia label in 1964. Disillusioned with the direction that the band appeared to be taking, Eric left in early '65, just days before their single of FOR YOUR LOVE made its debut on the British charts.
Get ahold of Randy Sparks in Mokelumne California. If anyone would know it would be him. He owned Whiskey a-go-go in los angeles and is the lead singer for The Christy Minstrels. He owns a bar there in Moke Hill. Call the town hall of the chamber to get you in touch with him.

Sidney Ashley said...

I would like to write to some of the older stars, Do you know where I can get addresses? Where can I write to Barbara Billingsley?

QueenOfTheCastle said...

Barbara Billingsley is my husband's grandmother. She is doing relatively well for her age.

I grew up dreaming to have a woman of June Cleaver's caliber as a mother figure, and low and behold, I married her grandson.

She is absolutely the same lady you saw in the show... charming, classy, beautiful and generous.

She does not have a space on Myspace... though there are several listed. She doesn't even use a computer.

Though is an icon, she absolutely has no idea what an impact she made on the youth of our age because she hasn't the ego of the Hollywood set today.

Thanks for your best wishes.

Deena Billingsley

Anonymous said...

I just wish I could tell Barbara Billingsley how wonderful I have always thought she was!
I have always loved and respected her.
I actually wanted to be a Housewife
due to watching her on television.
I actually love being a housewife too!
I feel sorry for woman that have to work when they wish they could stay home.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I watched Barbara on the Family Channel last night in a Christmas Movie. She was absolutely adorable! I loved the Leave It To Beaver Show, it had morals, decency, and just good clean fun. I am a 66 year old grandmother and my grandchildren love the show as well.
I wish Ms Billingsley a very Happy Birthday and may God Bless her with good health and much happiness.
Carrie Ruano