20 September 2006

Last Word on Annie Moore

Megan Smolenyak is probably exhausted from her whirlwind celebrity tour of New York, so while we wait to see more of what she and Brian have on Annie, I've updated my web site with what I came up with in my own research.

I have posted records that ID her brother Philip and her parents Matthew and Julia. I've also put up some records for Annie Schayer that I found after Megan identified her on Friday.

Now that Annie has been found, I can focus on important things. Like the latest celebrities to lie about their age or be confused about their ancestry. Easy pickin's compared to lost girls from the Lower East Side.


Randy Seaver said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for finding and posting the additional census, WWI registration and death records for the Moore family.

I really admire your organization of the documents - concise, readable, complete. Beautiful!

Cheers -- Randy

Questors said...

Thanks, Randy! Though if you saw my "genealogy room" you'd really wonder how organized I really am!