24 April 2010

Tiffany on Antiques Roadshow

I'm sure everyone who watched the recent episode of Antiques Roadshow in Phoenix ran to their computers -- as I did -- when they heard the answer to the appraiser's question about Louis Comfort Tiffany. "Yes," the guest replied, "My grandfather is related to the Tiffany family. I'm not sure exactly in what regard."

The grandparents, the guest explained, had a trading post on the San Carlos Indian reservation. Checking out the 1910 census, I found a Wellington Tiffany living on the reservation.

According to The Tiffanys of America by Nelson Otis Tiffany, available on Ancestry.com, Wellington is the 5th cousin, once removed of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Wellington is the 5th cousin, twice removed of Richard Gere as well, though I don't know that the Roadshow folks have ever appraised a Gere lamp.

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