27 July 2006

Annie to Attend Moore Family Reunion?

Annie Moore, that long-lost Irish gal who has the genealogy world in hyper-search mode, will probably not be attending the Moore Family Reunion in California next week. I'll be there -- Moore is my maiden name -- as will my parents, siblings, and four generations of assorted relatives.

I admit to being one of those caught up in the search for Annie that Megan fiendishly instigated. Being intimately acquainted with early 20th century New Yorkers -- I searched thousands of them for an urban history project -- I thought I would give it a go.

With my addled brain, I soon realized that I needed some kind of organization for the Annie project. Who said what and when? What's been searched? I am way too easily confused! You can check out my first attempts at organization here.

So far, Annie has eluded everyone's efforts. If she does show up at the Moore Family Reunion next week, I'll let you know.


Randy Seaver said...


Very nice job of organizing the known information.

I've searched almost all of what you have, and have not found any more than you have. I didn't access the IGI or the Manhattan marriages - a great resource.

Keep the ball rolling - Randy

Questors said...

Thanks, Randy! I'm sure there are a lot more resources we should be checking. I'm sure someone is.