11 August 2006

More Castles for Nic

Nicholas Cage bought a castle in Etzelwang bei Amberg because the ancestors of his mother, Joy Vogelsang, "are all from good old Bavaria." In fact, Nic's great-great-great-grandfather Louis Vogelgesang is the only one I can identify who came from Bavaria.

Maybe Nic'll just buy a château in Alsace in memory of his great-great-great-grandmother Josephine and scoop up a Schloß or two in Prussia in memory of his mother's Muentnich and Daum ancestors. He's got a number of manors in the British Isles coming to him, too, what with his mom's Lewis, Caldwell, Ramsey, and Lockhart ancestors.

And that's just on his mom's paternal side.

I don't know anything about the background of Nic's maternal grandmother. She is 91 and living in Los Angeles so I could just ask her. Though she goes by Louise, Ancestry.com says her name is Della Murray, which, now that I think of it, does not sound particularly Bavarian.

Hat tip to The Genealogue.

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Craig Kanalley said...

Hi Sharon. I've been trying to find the ancestors of Nicholas Cage for some time, as I am a descendant of the Vogelgesang family from Mimbach/Breitfurt/Herbitzheim area of Bavaria. Many of the descendants changed the name to Vogelsang, and I saw his mom's name was Joy Vogelsang.

Do you know Nicholas' maternal grandfather's name and can you help me fill in the blanks?

Based on your blog entry, I think his 3rd-great-grandparents may have been Heinrich Ludwig Vogelgesang and Josephine Sophia Tenn who settled in Ohio. Heinrich Ludwig born 1821, son of Hans Bernhard Vogelgesang of Mimbach, grandson of Johann Christian Vogelgesang - am I correct?

Let me know, thanks!