21 August 2006

Annie's Family

As Megan announced, Brian Andersson was the first to locate Annie Moore's family. Congratulations, Brian!

I've started posting records I've found for Annie's family on my research notes site. Brain has even more compelling evidence, so stay tuned to Megan's Roots World for further updates.

Brian, by the way, has access to some wonderful records at the NYC Department of Records. All of us who do research in NY are delighted to have a genealogist heading up the department. One of us! And quite an accomplished researcher, too.

Maybe soon Brian or Randy or another researcher will find Annie. Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying the hunt!


Randy Seaver said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm not hunting Annie right now - I'm in the rainy cemeteries of northern Massachusetts. I'll be back home by Labor Day.

I saw your Annie page through Megan's blog, and want to say congratulations. It is slow going, I know. This is a really hard problem.

Are you looking for obituaries for the Julia and for Philip?

Cheers -- Randy

Questors said...

Thanks, Randy.

Finding Annie's family was a lot of fun. I did a small bit of searching for the obits as well as cemetery records but did not find them. Maybe Brian did. I know there is more we have not heard about. And I look forward to finding out what happened to Annie.

Hard for us Southern Californians to understand why they allow rain in the summer back East, but have a great vacation anyway!